Whistler’s Theories Week 20 2019

Some very sad news to report for this week’s edition. 3 missing children that I’ve reported on have been found deceased. Camron Chung from Rhode Island, Dominic Walker from Decatur Illinois, and Riley Crossman from West Virginia.
All these children found were told to me by subscribers before it even hit the news.
I have no specific details regarding Cameron and Dominic. Riley’s body was found after one week already decomposing and her mother’s boyfriend was arrested for the murder of Riley.
The outpouring and heart felt comments left on this video has been amazing and I can’t even imagine what all these people are going through for all these missing children.
This week has been particularly difficult trying to put out videos with such bad news but I have received several messages from viewers who want to help.
I am glad to see so many people wanting to help and it gives me hope that maybe we are making a difference in bringing attention to the epidemic of missing children in this country.
Say your prayers for the families and thank you for sharing.

Recent Uploads
Surprise From A Subscriber
This past week I was surprised with a large package sent to me anonymously. Someone took notice of my Star Wars liking and sent me a really cool Master Yoda figure. This particular Yoda figure I found out is discontinued and is now considered rare. It talks and moves with voice recognition. A really cool addition to my studio so thank you very much to whomever sent this to me. You can see the unboxing here.

I released a couple how to videos for iPhone Voice Over users. The first is a tutorial on how to get the high quality Siri voice as your Voice Over speech engine which you can watch here The second is the App called Seeing AI which can be a very useful app if you are blind and need immediate visual assistance. From reading short text to documents, from color identifying to light detector, from money reader to facial recognition, this app is quite amazing and handy. Check out the video here
Live Stream with Frosty
This weeks live stream was a delicate subject to say the least. I want to thank all the live chat participants for keeping a very respectful conversation going. It was a productive chat and I enjoyed all the perspectives expressed during the show. Frosty and I discussed the recent controversy surrounding new bills regarding abortion laws and just how ludicrous politicians are becoming to push whatever agenda they are trying to push.
Be sure to watch for emails from me for the next time we go live. Usually Tuesday or Wednesday evening at 6:30 PM PST.

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Remember, do not donate to anyone until you and your family are taken care of and make sure the person you are donating to are up front and honest about what they are providing.
Me, I’m not claiming to save the world or even the children but I do try to help share the word about missing children in hopes that someone will spot them and besides that, I just put out content that I enjoy making and think you might enjoy as well.

Thank you all for supporting me and watching my videos.

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