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Whistlers face as Darth Maul. Red Skin, crown of yellow horns, yellow glowing eyes, and arms crossed with dual light sabers ignited.
Darth Whistler

Introducing Channel Memberships

You can now become a channel member of Theory Of A Blind Man by clicking here.

Membership Levels And What You Get

•Orange Shamrocks $1.99
✓Member Only Chat Mode (During live streams)
✓Member Only Live Stream (This may vary depending on the integration of the streaming platform that I have to use and the YouTube Live Control Room. Stay tuned for updates.)
✓Custom Emojis to be used during live streams.

•Green Shamrocks $4.99
✓Orange Shamrock Perks plus:
✓Outtakes and Bloopers
✓Unreleased Vids

•Golden Harps $9.99
✓Orange and Green Shamrock Perks plus:
✓Unlisted Live Streams
✓Early Access Videos

Custom TOABM Emojis

As more members join my channel, more emojis will be released for your use during the live chat. These are the current emojis and how to use them.

Greetings Emoji

Whistler in a black cloak with hood up and red light saber ignited pointed down and left.
Greetings Emoji

type: “:Greetings:”

Cool EMoji

Animated version of Whistler with a big smile and hands resting behind his head.
Smiling Whistler

Type: “:Cool:”

Whistler Emoji

Darth Whistler in black cloak with hood down. Red skin and crown of yellow horns. red light saber held in a ready position.
Darth Whistler

Type: “:Whistler:”

Agent Z Emoji

A braille lower dot 6 followed by a red Zorro slashed letter Z.
Agent Z

Type “:AgentZ:”

Darth Whistler Emoji

Darth Whistler face and upper body with arms crossed holding two red light sabers. Red skin, crown of yellow horns and yellow glowing eyes.
Darth Whistler

Type: “:DarthMaul:”

Make sure you capitalize the first letter of each word and no spaces with colons at the start and end of the phrase.

Your Loyalty Badges

Loyalty badges are small icons next to your username in live chats so everyone can see how long you have been a member. As you hang around for a while, your loyalty badge will update to a new design.

•New Member

Celtic knot style of a kings cross with Theory Of A Blind Man text centered.
New Member
0-1 Month

•One Month Member

1 Month Member
letters TOABM with a raven about to land on the B. Mute grey background.
1 – 2 Months

•2 Month Member

TOABM letters with a red background and raven about to land on the B.
2 Month Member
2 – 6 Months

•6 Month Member

TOABM with a raven about to land on the B with a decorative background.
6 Month Member
6 – 12 Months

12 Months

•12 Month Member
Fancy TOABM letters with a crown tilted on the letter O.12 – 24 Months

•24 Month Member

Fancy TOABM letters with a fancy crown on top of the O letter.
24 Month Member
24 months and on.

How to Join

Becoming a member is super easy, but can only be done from a desktop computer for the time being. To become a member simply click here to choose your desired membership level. Check back often for random perks announced on the community tab for your membership level. You will also have access to the Theory Of A Blind Man Discord server. Simply email Darth Whistler with Discord Request as the subject line and include your YouTube username in the body.

Thank you all so much for your support through the years and with this new YouTube feature being unlocked, it tells me that my channel is growing in the right direction.

May the force be with you.


A braille lower dot 6 followed by a red Zorro slashed letter Z.
Agent Z
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