Whistler’s Theories Week 19 2019

Man opening box with surprised face and sunglasses.
Whistler Opening Surprise From A Subscriber

Happy Saturday All,

What a busy week I’ve had to say the least. I’ve put out several videos that I hope you will find informative and enjoyable.

Most Recent
Recently, technical producer of David Wilcocks show on Gaia TV spoke out about what he is calling bullshitting Corey Goode on his YouTube channel. Here is my reaction video to that presentation:

NSA Series (Non-Sighted Advocate)
This series will focus on everything blindness related whether it be for blind people or people who are interested in blind people and what we are doing.
A subscriber requested I do a video reaction to a Star Wars Bop-It game and being a Star Wars fan, I couldn’t help myself plus, if you wanna see me dance, check out the video:
Thanks to the channel Beyond Sight for this.

Ever wonder what it is exactly that I see as a blind person? I mean literally. Well I did a video trying to the best of my ability to recreate what I see so you can also experience what it is like to see through my eyes. This was another viewer request and I must admit a good idea.
See what I see here.
The channel Live Accessible put out a video asking for blind YouTube creators to answer some questions for a project that she is working on so here is my submission which will also give you some more insight on me.

Just Some Things The Make Me Happy!
This series will focus simply on that, things that make me smile! 😎💣
Like Marbles and Dogs!

News Updates
Click me to watch the video I did an update follow up to the I70 Colorado crash that killed 4. You may remember a video reupload I did of the trucker that caused this crash, I found the bond hearing proceedings and reacted:

A mother is sueing ETSY for her baby sons death! That’s right, a toddler was strangled while napping wearing a baby teething necklace. Who is to blame? Well the mother seems to think that ETSY is but there is more to the story
Live Streams
Frosty and I did a 6 hour live stream! That’s right, we did a 6 hour Question and Answer stream and very surprisingly I received 2 large Super Chats from Cassie Q to whom I want to thank so very much for. Those Super Chats will actually help me with my upcoming project so thank you dearly Cassie Q.
Frosty and Matty went live highjacking my channel once again discussing many recent news topics as well as Frosty’s Off Track Betting Doomsday spread segment.
If you want to catch these live streams be sure to keep a look out for the preceeding email to go out before we go live and make sure you got that little notification bell smashed on.

There are more uploads to check out which you can do so here.

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