A Jedi Master Meets A Dark Lord Of The Sith

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After many hours of scripting, casting, script re-writes, on set tradgedies, It is finally here.

The Hunting Grounds Rated R for strong adult language and digital simulated violence.

Runtime: 27 minutes

If you enjoyed this first audio film, and would like to contribute in some way, please check out my Go Fund Me which is set up to help me get a new computer so that I may continue to bring you amazing content as well as provide up-to-date accessible technology training to my clients.

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The Theory Of A Blind Man Trilogy Saga

Recently I have made some significant changes to my content brand on YouTube and I want to share those changes with you.

I decided to split up my channel into three channels each of which represents a Star Wars theme with all new designs and logos to go along with those three channels including new merch designs.

‼︎(Click on images to be taken to associated YouTube channels.)‼︎

Curvy Golden star wars like font that reads theory of a blind man with sub-title A New Upload.
Theory Of A Blind Man: A New Upload
⚙︎ Channel 1 or Episode IV is called Theory Of A Blind Man: A New Upload. This channel will focus on clipped highlights from my live stream channel, tutorials, how to’s, advocacy, and other short uploads.

Angled bold white font that reads Live Stream Strikes Back with a small Theory Of A Blind Man logo above the word live.
Theory Of A Blind Man: Live Stream Strikes Back
⚙︎ Channel 2 or Episode V is called Theory Of A Blind Man: Live Stream Strikes Back which is going to be my live stream only channel where you the viewer can participate in chat games and great conversation. Some months I will be giving away products from my merch shop to the viewer with the most Galactic Credits so check back often towards the beginning of the month for details or check out my community tab on YouTube. If you would like to know how to play the chat games, check out this video here.

You can also enter to win the 2500 subscriber milestone giveaway by reading this article here.

Gold font that reads Return Of The Gamer like the original star wars poster with a small Theory Of A Blind Man above the R and E letters of return.
Theory Of A Blind Man: Return Of The Gamer
⚙︎ Finally, we have channel 3 or Episode VI called Theory Of A Blind Man: Return Of The Gamer which will be having to do with everything accessible gaming for the blind gamer out there. Reviews, highlights from live gameplay, and new releases.

The reason I decided to split up my channel into three is so that my subscribers can easily find the content they want to watch and these channels break it up nicely for me as well. So if you haven’t done so already, find which channel best suits you and click the image above of that channel to subscribe or you can subscribe to all three to stay up-to-date with all my released content.

Special Thanks To Dani Marie For My Designs

I want to give a special shout out and thanks to Dani Marie who really nailed the look and feel I was going for in my logo designs.

I really wanted the original look and feel of the Star Wars trilogy as close as possible and Dani really captured what I wanted. She knew exactly what I wanted and delivered swiftly and affordably.

If you need any logos or other designs for your brand, I’d ask you to check out Dani Marie first for a quote before going anywhere else.

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‼︎Don’t forget to tell her Whistler sent you.‼︎

“At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi, at last we will have revenge.”

Take a journey with me, Whistler, as I explore the Galaxy without sight. I publish frequently on my YouTube channel and will be posting blogs here for you to follow and learn as I do. You can support me if you wish but only if you can support you and your family first.

I have many goals in my life that primarily center around helping people. I believe that we all possess knowledge and we are meant to share that knowledge with others. If I know something you need to learn, I might be able to help but it is you that needs to take that first step and everything will fall into place.

How You Can Support

Introducing Channel Memberships

Because of all your support and the trust YouTube has placed in my channel, they have unlocked the option for channel members and now you can join my channel with tons of perks and goodies. Find out more here.

Rather than just giving your hard earned money away through donations, you can now get something for your donation by visiting my Merch shop. I’ve always believed in providing good content for all of you which shows in my video production and live streams. I very much enjoy this line of work and want you to have the best experience while visiting Theory Of A Blind Man.

Grand Opening! Theory Of A Blind Man Merch Shop

Darraban’s doors opened 11 July, 2019 and sold the first Caf mug to a YouTube subscriber, Dave Bryant. Thank you for your patronage of our very respectable outpost. You too can get your very own Theory Of A Blind Man coffee mug, long sleeve Tee, hoodie, or women’s tank top or any one of the hundreds of products now offered at my shop along with some new designs.

You can also request training in the ways of the force and accessible data pads and software. Check out the Darraban Mercantile Goods and Services today!

Or send me a Galactic Credit of your choice via

Lastly, you can send a surprise from my Amazon Wish List and I will do a live unboxing review.

“You May Dispense With The Pleasantries.”

I have started a PodCast which you can click any of these links to listen.over there at Anchor FM.

Listen on Google Play Music

Click here to listen on Apple Podcast.Apple Podcast

You can support my PodCast with a monthly contribution of your choice here.

Theory Of A Blind Man PodCast Episodes

“Red 5 Standing By.”

Whether you or a relative have a visual impairment you can find many helpful resources available through state funded and Federally funded programs.

Here is a compiled list of all the state agencies responsible for providing persons with disabilities with training and equipment to help become independent and employed. Visit my resource page to find your state or territory.

In case you might be interested in your privacy rights READ THIS.

Like the design of this wicked rad website? You too can have a force awesome site by Dani Marie AUC.

The Theory Of A Blind Man, A New Upload, Live Stream Strikes Back, Return Of The Gamer and all associated designs are protected under ©copyright laws and may not be used without express written consent.

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