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I am also publishing my videos and live streams on my Theory Of A Blind Man Facebook Page

I have also started a PodCast on Anchor FM which I encourage you to check that out. I will be uploading audio form of my live streams over there at Anchor FM.

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Looking For Blind Services?

I have compiled a list of all the state agencies responsible for providing persons with disabilities with training and equipment to help become independent and employed. Visit my resource page to find your state or territory.

Many ways to support with merch or donations

Take a journey with me, Whistler, as I explore the world without sight. I publish frequently on my YouTube channel and will be posting blogs here for you to follow and learn as I do. You can support me if you wish but only if you can support you and your family first.

Introducing an affiliate program I signed up for to not only help bring some income in to me, but also to help those who wish to use CBD products to better their lives. From gummies to coffee and creamer, oil to lotion, and even pet CBD products. Check out the plethora or products on My Daily Choice home page here.

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Grand Opening! Theory Of A Blind Man Shop

Darraban’s doors opened 11 July, 2019 and sold the first Caf mug to a YouTube subscriber, Dave Bryant. Thank you for your patronage of our very respectable outpost. You too can get your very own Theory Of A Blind Man coffee mug, long sleeve Tee, hoodie, or women’s tank top.
You can also request training in the ways of the force and accessible data pads and software. Check out the Darraban Mercantile Goods and Services today!

In case you might be interested in your privacy rights

This website was designed and created by a totally blind person 🙂 ME!

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