#Whistler2500Giveaway Subscriber Milestone Giveaway

2500 Subscriber Milestone Giveaway

As a special thank you for supporting me during my years on YouTube, I have put together this special giveaway to one lucky randomly chosen winner with 3 options of your choice as the prize.

The best part of being on YouTube is the live interaction with you in the chat. You are some of the most liveliest, interactive, intelligent, and positive chat that I’ve seen and I want to thank you for making it so enjoyable to live stream and to continue uploading the best quality and helpful content that I can provide.

So, as a special thank you I will be giving away 1 of 3 options of the winners choice.

1. A $50.00 Amazon gift card.


2. One item of the winners choice from my Merch shop.


3. A $100.00 donation to the charity of the winners choice.

All you have to do is the following:

  • 1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here Theory Of A Blind Man.
  • 2. Share my channel with your network.
  • 3. Follow me on Twitter.
  • 4. Comment with the hashtag “#Whistler2500Giveaway” on this video
  • This is open to all people who have followed the above requirements and are NOT blocked from commenting on my videos.

    The winner will be chosen during a live stream once I reach 2500 YouTube subscribers so be sure that you have notifications set to all both on the YouTube app and on your mobile device.

    For any questions you can email Whistler.

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