Do You Live Stream Blind? Get Money…

Looking for study participants

Have you ever live-streamed or do you know someone who has done live-stream before? If so, we would like to invite you to our study!

We are researchers at the University of Seoul (Korea) and the University of Michigan, investigating the experiences of users with visual impairments on live streaming platforms (e.g., Twitch, Youtube). This 5-10 minute survey will mainly ask about your experience as a streamer with visual impairments.


• Must be between 18 and 64

• Must be able to understand English to complete this survey

• Must be legally blind and have no other disabilities (e.g., hearing loss)

• Must have experience in live-streaming a video (e.g., gameplays, vlogs) at least once in the past 3 months and preferably have live-streamed at least 3 videos in total under his/her channel

Before completing a survey, please read the following participant consent form

If you or anyone you know qualifies for this study, feel free to share and fill out the following form:

To those who have completed the survey will be entered into a draw for $10 worth of eGift cards! Please specify the country you want the eGift card to be issued. Since the eGift card will be sent via email, please put your preferred email address for receiving the eGift card as well.

Please contact Joonyoung Jun with any questions.  

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