Blind Gamer Geek Out

Welcome to my little corner of the blind gaming world where I will post up links and video reviews from my YouTube channel of blind accessible games.

I grew up playing my fair share of video games on consoles like Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, 32X, Sega CD,Sega Saturn, Playstation, and computer games like Wolfenstein 3D and Red Alert Command And Conquer, Tom Clancey’s Rainbow Six and many others.

Once I lost my sight in 2003, playing video games wasn’t even a thought until I did a simple search on Google for blind gamers and was I surprised. I decided to jump back in and share all that I found regarding the blind gaming world. I am totally blind so the amount of games out there for totally blind gamers are very limited and nowhere near what I remember how games were when I lost my sight like GTA San Andreas or Vice City.

As I discover new games released for totally blind gamers, I will post them here along with any video gameplays or reviews I put out which you can find on my YouTube channel under the Blind Gamer Geek Out playlist.

My primary platform is Mac OS X, but I do game on a WIN10 PC as well and encourage anyone to let me know of accessible games they have played or want me to review. Simply email me and let me know.

Mac OS X

All games mentioned in this heading are tested on Mac OS X Catalina.

A Blind Legend

In this midievil based game, you play as a blind father guided by his daughter to find and rescue his kidnapped wife by the evil King. Fight against thieves, mythical beasts, witches, knights, and even the King himself.


Circus Masters Revenge is an interesting twist of a game. Based off the audio defense game, Mental Vision Games set out to make their own version in which you play a wondering blind man who stumbles upon a circus where you find yourself attacked then forced to do battle against the circus masters minions.


Life Simulator is a fun little addicting game that you have to constantly be attentive of and take care of your character as you develop your skills, education, and work skills whether you choose a path of business or crime.

Spotlights, Dev Interviews, And Gamer News.

Check back often for updates and future gameplays, Dev interviews, gamer collabs, and more like this sneak peek of the accessible version of GTA5!

The State Of Audio Gaming And Where It’s Going

How To Play During Live Streams

A great new feature only available to my live viewers is the ability to play games with each other or against one another during live streams. It is fun and easy and a great way to support my channel as it grows.

So, how do you play? It’s simple. Type any of the following commands in the chat to start your adventures.

To gather your Sith brotherhood together and battle the Jedi Knights, type “!heist 100” Note the number amount can be any amount up to 1000 and you must have the Galactic Credits to cover your entery.

How Many Credits Do You Have? Simply type “!points” to find out how poor you really are. Don’t worry though, every minute you watch my live show, the more Galactic Credits you will receive plus periodically I will award all live viewers extra Credits.

What other games are there? You can play other games like “!gamlbe”, “!slots”, “!8ball”, as well as “!duel” against other viewers. To duel, just include the viewers name after the chat command “!duel” followed by the credit amount you wish to bet.

Cash In Your Galactic Credits. You can cash in your credits at any point during the live stream for special prizes like animations played during the show, sound effects, and images. Type the chat command “!redeem” followed by the prize you wish to use your credits for.

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