Special Thanks To My First Patreon

Good Day All Friends and Fans,

I want to express my gratitude today for my very first Patreon under my brand of Theory Of A Blind Man. One of my YouTube subscribers who has been a sub for some time now and has contributed a considerable amount to the live chats and comments on videos. I very rarely mention my Patreon page or ways to donate because simply put its not the first thing on my mind and I usually forget to mention it during live streams or videos. I just recently discovered that I could change the link element in my end screen carts on YouTube to my Patreon page. Now, during videos that aren’t related to missing or found children, you should see the cart at the end of my videos that will link to my Patreon page. Automation can be nice sometimes. LULz

Obviously I have been uploading videos and doing what I do for years now without donations on a consistent basis but knowing that people appreciate my work enough to help contribute financially is a tremendous help for me. I can’t save the world or the children but I can help by spreading the word with what I find and maybe together we all can help the world in some way. Otherwise, I’m just another YouTube creator who really enjoys video production and interaction with all of you and every dollar donated or pledged helps me to continue putting out videos with a little less stress on my shoulders regarding my monthly income which most of you know is a permanent disability income because of my blindness.
If you are interested in also helping me out, you can do so on my Patreon Page.
So, who is this special person who has pledged me on my Patreon? You can find him on almost every live stream I do by the name Dave Bryant and he is a level headed, good hearted, well balanced in knowledge, and I’m glad to call him not only a Patreon, subscriber, viewer, but also a friend.

Thank you Dave so much and I look forward to all our interactions.

Of course this doesn’t mean I have placed Dave as a better person than anyone else or anything like that and I appreciate all of you in the chat and comments and emails. It has been a great little community that we’ve built together and when those random trolls come into your chat room and try to disrupt your flow of conversation, you have taken care of business and kept your conversations going the direction that I hoped exactly would happen. A group of like minded people regardless if we agree or not on any one topic. It is a place where we present some ideas and we all can safely discuss our individual thoughts.

The Super Chats have been amazing as well! Earlier this month, a subscriber by the name Cassie Q donated two Super Chats of $49 which I can’t even begin to thank her for so thank you Cassie for that.

I also want to take the time to thank all the viewers and subscribers who have been amazing like Nancy Volker, Tin Foil Thoughts, Rainbow Warrior, Booger, Charles Harding, Not My Real Name, Hope For The USA, Amy Sitero, In Darkness, Standing In The Wind, C2D2 Queen Bee, Modus Operandi, Mr. James, Ghost X, TruthCowGirl, Debi W, and I am probably forgetting some and that’s not to belittle anyone but I will update when I remember more names to mention so if I have forgotten right now, I do apologize.

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