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Every once in a while someone does something that really brightens your day. That thing happened to me today. Someone that I met through the Facebook group Blind and BI YouTuber Support Group went live on his channel and gave me a huge shout out which you can see my reaction video here. Jason Smith from the Independently Blind YouTube channel has been going through the same issues that I have with our channels. The lack of accessibility for blind YouTube streamers is limited to broadcasting with Google Hangouts. At least from my research, trials, and fails. I’ve tried out so many different applications, browsers, third party open software products, and yet only Google Hangouts is the best bet. Coming from an audio production background, I am very dissatisfied with Hangouts sound quality and really want to take advantage of apps like Streamlabs or OBS but they are no where near accessible for us blindies to use.

After working all day on trying to get OBS to work, Jason was about to give up but got that second, third, or possibly fourth bug up his backside and decided to tackle it again and he was able to go live using OBS. A huge accomplishment no doubt but when it comes to the full potential that OBS and Streamlabs OBS can offer, we fall short in the professional production value that can be had.

I commend him and I am proud that he was able to accomplish what he set his mind out to do. It is a wonderful feeling that when we are faced with challenges that normally would be an impossibility, we can overcome and reach our goal no matter the difficulties.

I published a video today talking a little about Jason’s live stream and I am also inspired by him with all the things he has on his plate that would otherwise be considered overwhelming and downright saddening, he has turned his situation around thanks to his faith and is reaching his goals.

I am very glad to call him a friend, a brother, and can’t wait to work in the future with him on a special project that we have planned for you all.

You really need to hear his story from his mouth and I think you too will be inspired. Please head over and check out his channel here and show some love.

Watch his Pilot Episode 2 here where he talks about his personal life challenges.

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