Audio Poetry Sunday – Distant Devotion

A super full blood moon from July 2017
A super full blood moon

Audio Poetry Sunday – Distant Devotion

This morning I released a new audio poetry vid that due to popular demand I read myself. It was good for me and I thank all of you who suggested I do so. There are a few small changes during my reading but the main idea is still there. You can compare what I said in the video with the text below and see how better it has become in the video.
you can watch the vid here or click the Super Full Moon picture above and read the text below.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy.

Distant Devotion

The stream roars along at the break of Spring
Coldness melted with warmth of rays
Ice broken away from their stubborn stance
Freezing currents carries the ice, only to shatter them on the rocks
Panic Not.
Alone in my ore-less raft I plunge my hand into the chilled water
Reaching deep down to salvage a sunken thought
I pull up a frozen stone shaped like my mind
Catastrophic futures if thawed
Panic Not.
I hold the frozen stone in my hands adoring it’s complexity
I see the ice frozen deep in each pore glistening with hope
Begging to be set free unbound from its chains
Destroyer of time to come
Panic Not.
As the ice melts the glisten darkens to a doom
Spreading over my hand and onto the raft.
It encompasses everything and no thing completely
Lacking remorse as its appetite consumes its entire path
Panic Not.
A destiny for-told, a fate oft fought
I seize at its power consuming and devouring
Clouds swirling above blackening into space
Starlight vanishes like the glimmer in my eye
Panic Not.
Lady Luna hides from the oncoming tragedy
Her craters soften and retract from being exposed.
She closes her eyes in pain
She holds her breath in the same
Panic Not.
Ice cold sweat pours down from every hair mocking the tears
My raft begins to deflate as the air freezes.
My toes begin to numb as the stream slowly takes over.
Millions of Frozen icepicks stabbing at my legs
Panic Not.
The streams hunger surrounds my waist as the will to sleep overwhelms my mind
Pease and calm eases my inner fight as the night clouds my judgement
My lungs slow as they harden and still from the cold
My muscles spasm into oblivion as the darkness fills my chest
Panic Not.
To swallow is more complicated than thinking
My hair freezes on end as the mercky water blends with the last breaths
Vision is lost and the cold becomes warm with numbness
I sink farther as my raft entombs me and lays me to my grave
Panic Not.
A hand touches my shoulder and caresses my neck
A soft gentle touch shines through the ice that has sealed my fate
A restoring warmth flows through my body as the air crushes my casket to free me
Water drips down my face once again.
Panic Not.
Sun rays tickle my cheeks as Lady Luna smiles upon my soul.
The numbness flows down and away from my limbs and soul.
Her arms embrace me filling me with life of breath once again
My tragic history melts into hopeful glory

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