Whistler’s Theories Week 21 2019


It would seem its that time of year again when old debunked scams get recycled and reused or repurposed for the next generation of YouTubers trying to get your money however, this one is deadly and can seriously harm you and your children.
MMS or miracle mineral solution, is back and this time is promoted by none other than Jorden Sather of Destroying The Illusion YouTube channel. Not only does MMS have any proven positive effects on the body for healing but quite the opposite matter of fact. Hundreds have reported to doctors and emergency rooms of serious side effects ranging from headaches, vomiting, dehydration, and more. Now, the new spin is enemas. Yes, you are told to put bleach up your rear end. Does this even sound logical to you? 28% industrial strength bleach is to be put up your backside? Well, unfortunately a mother of an autistic child tried it on her son with devastating results that are for the rest of this poor child’s life. He will have to wear a colostomy bag because his lower intestines had to be removed due to damage from the MMS but like with all wacky insane cons, it is the fault of the user and not the product so says manufactures of MMS.
The story I present in my latest video is a tragic one to say the least. Jen Holice was recently diagnosed with Lyme disease and thought it was the end for her until she found MMS with a deadly ending.
These people need to be stopped and when YouTubers go the extra mile to put lives in danger for their personal monetary gain, it’s time to put an end to their scams and cons.
For some reason, this video of mine has already been demonetized so please leave a like and comment on the video so YouTube knows that it is being watched.
Watch the video here.

Live Stream
This weeks live stream Frosty and I discussed the new announcements from YouTube regarding creators as well as the controversy surrounding SOPH the 14 year old girl whose channel has been completely restricted even though she has over 1 million subscribers and her video, Be Afraid went viral. You can watch the replay of the live stream here
and my breaking news video here

I have reached a milestone with the growth of my channel, I have received my first Theory Of A Blind Man Patreon subscriber! Thank you Dave Bryant for breaking me in lol.
The video Scam Warning Do Not Consume MMS took me a very long time to gather info, script, edit, and render so all your support counts. Whether it be a like, share, commment, or donation, it helps balance out when YouTube decides to demonetize my videos before anyone even watches it. Then, weeks later as the pattern goes, YouTube decides they are advertiser friendly but the views have already stopped comming in. I don’t understand why they do it and I just concluded a 22 email thread with the YT support team regarding this issue with no resolution or answers. It’s an endless loop. They tell me to review the guidelines, which I do and my videos do meet but they don’t seem to really care for some reason.
If you would like to also help my channel with a financial contribution and remember, I’m not claiming to save the children or world but rather just bring you informative content, then you too can pledge my Patreon here.

Missing Children and Amber Alerts
There are 5 new missing children reports which are now added to my playlist which you can watch here.

Thank you all for being an intagral part of my channel and growth as a content provider. I appreciate every one of you whether you watch silently or add your comments. You are all appreciated and I love interacting with all of you.


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