The Oroville Dam Dangers and Concerns

Oroville, California
For years now the Oroville Dam has been a topic of discussion with regards of public safety and whether or not the dam can maintain its stability with the recent rainfall and snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Northern California is expected to see snow until July and with all the already existing snow and rain this season, many are wondering if the Oroville Dam can hold out another season. Many will remember that it was just a couple years ago when the dam broke and had to be repaired so as the years go on and more water builds up, anxiety is sure to follow right behind.
I have a few personal friends in the nearby area of the dam and no one has yet reported to me of evacuations but when I hear something I’ll be sure to let you know. In the meantime, check out my video update with live footage from the YouTube channel called Oroville Dam Watch Group.
Here is an article by the Chico Enterprise Record which outlines the concerns for public safety expressed by some district members in Oroville.

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