The Paper Boat

A newspaper fresh off the press filled with stories of struggles
A boy carefully creases and folds with his innocent hands
Bow, stern, and mast Sealed sharp and straight with lacquer and love
Stowed aboard are imaginary dreams of hope
A smile glistens across his face as the boat leaves the dry docks of his hands
He sets his boat in a rushing stream for it’s maiden voyage
Printed headlines blurred beneath the wake like the truth long since lost
Bouncing off concrete cliff walls as it fights to keep upright
The captain looks back as the smile fades in the distance
Like a morning fog drowning out a lighthouse
He ponders the journey with an unseen anxiety
Remaining strong and true for the uncertain crew
The paper boat breaks free from inlet obstacles and heads for open seas
The youth left behind as the aged journey on the high Seas begin
The paper boat rounds a corner in the streets below and vanishes forever from the boy who set his dreams afloat.

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