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This is a request by one of my subscribers to do for my next Audio Poetry Sunday reading. Let me know what you all think in the comments.
Update! Here is the YouTube audio reading version that I just published today. You can watch it here.
As you stand confounded,
My thoughts are unbounded.
If you took a leap of faith I would catch you,
If you were to weep I would be there too.
Strands of your hair tangled in your tears,
Lands of the fair with no fears.
An embrace of unity beset upon a balanced union.
When happiness is in the fore, which shall come first?
Step firm with your best foot forward and support will follow right behind.

An intent unspoken,
Like content unbroken.

Our dreams are hopeful and our hopes of dreams materialize
No distant too far and no time too long is the path traveled
Traveled to meet on opposite sides of a dusty gravel road
Waiting for the first one to cross to the other.

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