Would You Fake Being Blind? The Stevie Wonder Conspiracy Theory

So there is a conspiracy theory circulating that says Stevie Wonder is faking his blindness which to me right off the bat is ludacris. However, does this mean people don’t fake being blind? Not necessarily.

One of the claims that Stevie Wonder is faking blindness comes from the fact that one time Stevie Wonder caught a falling microphone stand on stage. As far as I can find in my research this is the earliest claim and then it just spiraled out of control ever since and as recent as 7 months ago, this claim is still being pushed.

For anyone with a disability I’m sure this is repulsive for anyone to think that someone would fake a disability due to the simple fact of the situation that lead to the blindness. Most likely it was an extremely traumatic event in their life and the transition to blindness is never fun and can actually be incredibly stressful trying to reprogram your way of learning and adapting what you already know into a blind life.

I put out a video sometime last year or earlier this year talking about this particular claim but for some reason it is not on my YouTube channel so I’ve reuploaded it with a few changes but the content is still current because the mindless claims and conspiracies still exist.

I would love to hear your feedback and your thoughts on what type of person exactly would be the kind to fake blindness or any disability for that matter.
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