Blind Audio Game Review – A Blind Legend

If you want to take a break from the everyday monotony of life and time warp to the middle ages then this audio game may be for you.

A Blind Legend is about a “Famous Blind Knight” called Edward Blake who at the start of the game goes to meet his wife with his daughter in the town square when all of a sudden the king’s guards kidnap her.

You are then to proceed to the Smithy for a sword and set off through many levels of semi-challenging levels which include dragons, witches, demons, flying thingys, mercenaries, guards, a horse chase, and much more!

Using Binaural beat sound technology, this 3D sound engine is directional so you must react in the direction of the sound.

My personal opinion is that this could be more challenging but the sound is great and the storyline is ok. I feel a little more could have been put into the thought of the game but it can only get better.

Check out the full video review here.

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