Audio Poetry: Black Gold

I awake wandering through my minds horrible corridors, reflecting on false tongues.
Traversing down my lobes tangled from scars of misplaced trust.

I claw my way inside and out of sanity, life that which does not suit justice at hells gate.
My own joker is my cell mate.

Stumbling blindly over corpses mutilated by ravens and dogs.
i fumble on my own truth.
Words have no place but in a waste bucket of toxic sentiment.

I snake down my camouflaged spine of stone chiseling out memories of pictographs and cracks of pain.

A dark shadowed object hides in a cave with no light slowly breathing.
Beating itself up against time running to an end.
My third eye lights the cave and i see the leaches draining this poor things life right from it with no remorse.

I can’t stand the sight so i edge my way around to the back of my spine only to see a battlefield.

Knives and axes lodged deep into the stone spine with shattered handles.
Gold ones, silver ones, and pearled ones.
Lusts of life stick out on their opposite end of devotion.
I tried to remove them but it pains my hands to do so.

I leave the death to rest.
forever seeded.

Altering my path, I walk out on the ledges stretching outward from my stone spine.
I climb upward towards a flat land that is like a plate of armor.
tough but forgiving.

I walk over faults, craters, and trenches.
Shovels, picks, and buckets lay littered then i notice a glimmer off in the distance.
I make my way towards the sparkle taking note of the trampled terrain.

Does no one not care for where they love and war?

I reach the center of this valley of tragedy and stop at the glitter.
its gold.
Unmolested. and free.
Peering at this nugget I reach for it and she responds to my advance.
as i get closer, she shines like the Sun.
I retract in awe and she dims.
I reach for her again and again.
She shone bright like golden honey.
I reach closer and she starts to hum her song..
I go to pick her up and as soon as i make contact, i…

Black Gold was published by Darragh Ryan on 20, Nov 2011 and you can read the original plus extended version here.
All poetry posted are the intellectual property of Darragh S Ryan and may not be redistributed on any platform or format without the express written consent by Darragh S Ryan. You may find more original works by Darragh here.

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