Santa’s Braille Workshop Now Open

Santa’s Workshop Now Open

Braille Works is now currently accepting your child’s Braille letters for Santa to read.

Not only that, but Santa will also write back to your child in Braille so if any child has ever felt left out for not receiving a letter from Santa, now they can join fully in the Christmas spirit and read a special letter in Braille from Santa Claus himself.

Every Braille letter is embossed and also comes with a large print version so whether or not your child reads Braille or large print, they can enjoy a letter written to them from the jolly man himself.

Check out my podcast talking about Braille Works here:

You can also watch the video on my Facebook Page or YouTube channel.

Read Braille Works original blog here.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from Theory Of A Blind Man. 😎💣

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