Audio Poetry – Duality Of Time

Duality Of Time is a piece I wrote which deals with a duality we all face. Whether it be defined or unknown, it is that thing that we look for, look at, wonder about, and try to determine just what has us chasing our passions and why.
It is a circular piece, a never ending cycle that can always come back on itself with no beginning and no ending from ones mind, from ones perspective of perception.
This is my favorite audio version so far of all my work so I hope you enjoy this one.
Watch Duality Of Time here.
You can read the original below. Keep in mind that the audio version differs from the original only because the time has changed as well as the flow but the meaning is still maintained.

Duality Of Time

Tick and tock just like an old dusty wind up clock
Tick and tock is my mind dissolving each and every thought.
Just like the clock my thoughts don’t stop with the passing of every tick
But yet every thought fades just like the soft end rocking of the tock.

Quiet be the room where I sit
Filled with silence from the ticking clock.
This room dark and silent shadowed by wind chimes that the wind bit
Echoes of the night haunted only by the ticks and tocks.

An awaiting storm counts its clouds as it wakes
As the clock counts its ticks waking after each tock.
Fallen leaves and brush swept into their waiting room before being rushed away
Settled down only to hurry up and be blown away

The sleepy tocks are passed by the rushing ticks of an old dusty wind up clock.
Like a stream of water detoured by a rock
Or like the mind second guessing its own thought
Times own duality is its own clock.

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