Are you a #VIP or #NSA?

Well, first let’s define those three lettered acronyms. VIP, or visually impaired person has been around for as long as I can remember but us total blindies didn’t have anything cool like that. At least not that I found so what do I do? Create one because that’s just who I am. NSA, or non-sighted advocate, is what I created to reflect us totally blind people. Now unfortunately this is just my opinion and does not reflect the totally blind people community but I thought it would be wicked rad to have our own little acronym like the slightly blind and mostly blindies out there. Plus, since I love a good conspiracy theory, NSA fits in perfectly to drive those conspiracy theorists crazy. Probably think I’m an agent but oh well. All in good fun. LULz.

That brings me to the point of this article or blog, definition of blind. Of course we have a legal definition which has to do with depth and range of perception which starts at 20/200 and 20% before you are considered “Blind”. I can’t find any terminology or legal representation of visually impaired or anything really having to do with low vision people. The proverbial “they” just lump us all together in one group and it really confuses the public when someone says they are blind but they don’t use a cane because they can still see somewhat. This even confuses me. Do they get more sympathy or something saying they are blind? Why not just say you are low vision or partially sighted. Why take the label of blind?
Maybe this is just my irritation of semantics but to me it’s like saying the ocean is water like a lake is but you’re not going to drink sea water.
Another one that bothers me is the word especially. Some people pronounce it ecspecially which is like finger nails on the chalkboard to me. I mention that so you get an idea of why something like terminology that people misuse bothers me.
I know, I’m nitpicking but hey, it’s my mind and its a mind far far away!

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