What Its Like Running A YouTube Channel Blind or Visually Impaired

White letters in Corleone font on a black background that says The Godfather Of Blind YouTubers that opens to my YouTube channel.
White letters that read the Godfather of blind YouTubers on a black background.

I am looking for individuals who are either blind or visually impaired to submit articles discussing their experiences running a YouTube channel. This will be a monthly featured article by someone in the blind and visually impaired YouTube community.
The article should contain the following:

⚙︎a brief explanation of your eye condition
⚙︎The history and purpose of your YouTube channel
⚙︎What challenges you personally faced when creating your channel and challenges you face everyday running your channel
⚙︎How you overcome these challenges
⚙︎What you actively do to promote awareness, if any, to help educate people in order to make YouTube a fun place for every viewer
⚙︎A summary of the pro’s and con’s of running a YouTube channel with a vision impairment
⚙︎If your YouTube channel is going to be monetized or already is, what are your end goals for your channel

There is no limit on the length of your submission, but I would request of you to spell and grammar check your work before submitting to ease the edit load on my staff which is just me right now.
You may email your submissions to whistler@theoryofablindman.com and please include any social media links, URL’s, or pages you wish to be mentioned in your article.

Submissions must be received by the 20th of each month to be considered for publication of the following month on the 1st.
I will send out email reminders every month to those who wish to be reminded, just send an email to the above mentioned address and request to join article notification reminders.

I look forward to reading your submissions and learning about all of you and your YouTube journeys. Please follow me on Twitter below and like me on Facebook also below.


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