Cast out to Sea on my own only to no longer see

Weathering storms that push me further from my home by demons in other forms

Darkened storm clouds of rage and fury angered by my survival

Wanting to reclaim their birth rights to revive all

That is dark and tormented settling in the heaviness that is my heart

Weighing me down in a sinking boat thrashing in an unnatural ocean

Icy cold rain pelting my skin stabbing at my soul

I wipe memories from my eyes that pains my fingertips

The demon hurling his hail at me bruising my heart

And I feel the frozen ocean numbing my toes

His storm hovers directly overhead smiling down upon me

All is calm in a moment of realization that is my dream

I look out and see the wall of hate approaching once again then peer up

He has darkened again and the calmness turns to the nightmare

A nightmare that will never cease and free my locked love

My legs numb as the ocean creeps up my broken ladder

I beg for someone to hear my teeth chatter

But even that is deafened by his hatred for me

Crowds of waves surround me on all sides crashing my thoughts

My feet have turned to concrete at the bottom of my boat

Being pulled down to darkness no longer able to stay afloat

The stabbing droplets swinging at me from all sides

He is confident this is a storm I cannot ride

My body is numb and my heart no longer beats with feeling

My breath no longer steams in the air before me

My thoughts no longer recall that tomorrow may never come

I simply wait for a fate, a destiny, a pease.

He is satisfied with his work but I no longer see him out there

Pinprick holes with distant vision of certainty

An angels voice whispers to me

Its spoken unintelligibly

A language drowned out by my pain

She speaks to heal but its far too late

I can’t understand her under water

I can’t help but feel

what my heart feels

pulling me further


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