Wicked Rad Stuff (Resources)



Here you will find stuff that I like and stuff that I think you might find useful pertaining to either computer or life hackz.

Want a Star Warz Hyperspace screen saver or the Matrix falling code screen saver? You can download those and other wicked rad things here.Oh and BTW, all programz are Mac OS X unless otherwise mentioned.
Here is a link for a OS X Hyperspace screen saver that in my mind I really enjoy with fully customizable settings like number of stars, starting depth, field of view, star size and more. Download here.
Here is an awesome Matrix falling code screen saver which you can download here.
For all you blind geeks out there, check out Blind Geek Zone.
Here is a great resource for all you VIP’s (Visually Impaired Person) and NSA’s (Non-Sighted Advocates):
Live Accessible is where you can find a ton of great resources and their YouTube channel which features accessible products, interviews with cool blind and visually impaired people, and advocate resources. Also check out the Blind and Visually Impaired YouTuber Support Group on Facebook
Interested in your online security? Check out The TorProject.
You can also find How To and tutorials videos such as Final Cut Pro X, Station Playlist, and more. These are geared towards blindies but all human nodes can use them.

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