Whistler’s Theories Week 23 2019

Theory Of A Blind Man
(Braille Grade 2 spelling out Theory Of A Blind Man)

This Weeks Theories Week 23 2019

Welcome to summer everyone though it’s not officially summer until June 21st, it sure feels like it here in California.
A reminder that no one has yet to claim the prize from the contest last month so I’m canceling that contest and starting a new one soon so look out for that.

The past week’s uploads:
Live Streams

I went live by my lonesome self with a Question and Answer stream for learning how to go live on YouTube as well as some Final Cut Pro X inquiries. This was geared towards blind creators but there is something for everyone. You can watch the replay here.
Frosty is back with me in another stream discussing the weeks news as well as Frosty’s Off Track Betting, the Doomsday Spread which you can watch the replay here.

Recent Uploads

Frosty and Matty did their own live stream for the Doomsday Spread on June 1st which you can watch my edited version here and the original upload link to Frosty’s channel is in the description box.
I did a comparison between the original Star Wars A New Hope fight scene of Kenobi and Vader and the new fandom version. The new version is amazing and I think I watched it 20 times or so. Anyway, here is my comparison fair use video.

I have also started a blind challenge and I think it’s going to be really fun to test all the blindies out there to try and guess what certain pop icons look like. I started off with Scarlett Johansson and tagged Dianna With Two N’s to guess Ewan McGregor. Check it out here.
Live Accessible recently put out a video of blind and visually impaired YouTubers giving words of encouragement to those that may be going through vision loss which can be quite the trying task and emotional roller coaster. I have uploaded my full version because I just couldn’t keep it to 30 seconds but I’m working on it for the next collaboration project. Check out my Words Of Encouragement video here.
You can find Live Accessible’s video linked in the description box.

You can check out all my videos here

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