This Weeks Theories Week 32 2019

Theory Of A Blind Man

Grade 2 Braille dots spelling out Theory Of A Blind Man)


3000 Subscriber Give Away

I am happy to announce this give away for one lucky subscriber to my YouTube channel. Once I reach 3000 subscribers the contest will begin. This will be a participatory contest so stay tuned for the details on how to play which you will be able to find on my website as well as special instructions in videos on my YouTube channel.

So be sure to subscribe to Theory Of A Blind Man on YouTube and click all notifications so you can be the first to be informed of upcoming videos which may have instructions for the give away.

What will you win?
You will be able to choose one item from the Theory Of A Blind Man store as well as a $100.00 Amazon gift card.
Contestants must be subscribed to the Theory Of A Blind Man YouTube channel and join the email list in order to participate. For a full description of the contest and contest rules, subscribe to this newsletter for updates. You can subscribe below this article.

Streamyard Live Streaming

As most of you know by now, I’ve been on the search for a fully accessible program or application to stream live to YouTube ever since the announcement that we will no longer be able to go live using Google Hangouts.
Initially I found Zoom Pro through a friend and that worked in a pinch. However, I was not satisfied with the quality of Zoom both video and audio. Then my mother sent me a link for and I have to say, it is amazing.
They are willing to work with the blind community to make their web based streaming platform accessible to screen reader users and I’ve had many conversations with the creator and things are changing as the issues come up. I am very pleased with streamyard and if you are interested, use this special link to join which will give me credit as well.

The Dependency Of Independence Blog Article

Recently I was asked to write an article for the website Live Accessible in which I provide my perspective of losing sight and our independence but learning how to regain it. You can read the full article here.

Live Streams

I’ve started a series called The Blinding Spotlight which features another blind or visually impaired YouTuber. These interviews focus on their channel to help support and spread their content.

In this playlist, you can find Amanda Ulrich My Blind And Chronic Illness Life, Chris Peltz of Blind Grilling, Darya Sukhova, Juan Morales of My RP Life, Clara Lay of The Blind Ninja, Carrie of Live Accessible, and Sam from The Blind Life.

Interacting With Blind People is another live show ongoing with myself, Nikki Wunderlich, and Thomas Acocella along with an occasional special guest. You can watch those videos here.

Blind Gamer Geek Out Saturdays is a show where I or subscribers choose a blind friendly game to play live on air. Interaction with the viewers help guide the gameplay. You can watch those videos here.

Recent Uploads

#WhatDoTheyLookLike Wednesdays features a popular celebrity or a subscriber request where I try to guess what they look like. This fun video is very interactive and a lot of fun to try and guess what people look like and sometimes a little awkward. You can watch those videos here.

Jump to hyperspace right quick and see all my HoloVids here.

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