This Weeks Theories Week 28 2019

Theory Of A Blind Man
(Braille Grade 2 spelling out Theory Of A Blind Man)

This Weeks Theories Week 28 2019


I am very pleased to share some exciting news with all you live blind streamers out there. I was recently sent a link to a web based application called Streamyard by my mom and I an so thankful she sent it to me because I cannot rave enough about this application. Not only can you stream to YouTube but you can also stream to your Facebook profile, page, or group as well as Parascope and a custom RTMP server.
Oh it gets better people! I was able to set up and start streaming within 5 minutes of clicking on the link sent to me.
I have made several tutorial videos during live streams to show how this works and how easy and accessible the app really is which you can find the links to those videos below.
I highly recommend that you give Streamyard a chance because I feel you will be very satisfied. Custom logos, banners, PM chat window, multiple guests, and easy to use screen share. Once you sign up, you are sent a link to join their Facebook closed group and that whole community is so nice and kind. I’ve been chatting and emailing with the owner of Streamyard and he is all about accessibility and is open to suggestions and comments regarding Streamyard. If you are interested in trying it out, Streamyard here.

The past week’s uploads:

Audio Poetry Sundays – Duality Of Time
I know I am the one writing these so it may not say too much when I say this one is now my favorite. As I get more comfortable and proficiant in making these videos, they just end up better than the last and Duality Of Time is now my favorite. It is complex or simple depending on how you want to read it but I hope you enjoy it.
Watch the video here

#WhatDoTheyLookLike Wednesdays – Blind man guesses what Daisy Ridley looks like.
Here is my latest video on me trying to guess what a famous person looks like based only off how they sound. This week I attempt to guess Daisy Ridley before Cathlene Kennedy ruins that for us as well. Watch my video here

Many of you know of Amanda Ulrich, a recently fully blind woman, painter, mother, and good hearted person. I interviewed her this past week and she has an amazing story to share with you. Watch Amanda’s interview here

It is here! An accessible streaming platform that we the blind can fully use. This is just so amazing and I can’t speak enough about it and how happy I am with this wonderful application. Watch a live stream broadcast using Streamyard here

Blind Gamer Saturday Reviews
A Blind Legend – This game places you during the Medieval times and you are Edward Blake, a blind knight that is trying to rescue his kidnapped wife with the help of his Daughter guiding him along the way through spooky forests, frozen lakes, demon infested villages, and much more. This particular game uses 3d sound and you are supposed to react by swiping in the direction of the goal. Check out my full review here.

Blind Gladiator – This game is awesome! Much more challenging than A Blind Legend with more possibilities as far as enemies attacking you differently each time making it harder to predict using patterning. Set in ancient Roman times where you are an up and coming wannabe gladiator. Explore different city states in Rome by visiting the weapons black smith, the armory, rest at the Inn, and earn credits by practicing in the duel arena. Then when you got the guts, head to the battle arena and try out your skills. You can check out my full review here.

I am very excited that I found this application called Farrago by Rogue Ameba. This is a completely accessible application for Voice Over users and it is very easy to learn and set up. Quick at your finger tips sounds and music of your choice. You load the tiles, control the volume and fades, and have a professional sounding PodCast or live stream. Check out Farrago review here:

Jump to hyperspace right quick and see all my HoloVids here.

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