Curvy golden outlined font that reads Theory Of A Blind Man on two lines.

The Godfather Of Blind YouTubers

White letters in Corleone font on a black background that says The Godfather Of Blind YouTubers that opens to my YouTube channel.
White letters that read the Godfather of blind YouTubers on a black background.

The Godfather Of Blind YouTubers’ channel

Here you will find fun and entertaining content on my secondary YouTube channel. Parodies, edutainment, and hopefully things you will find as funny as I do.

Not only will this channel be humorous, but it will push my editing skills in Final Cut Pro video editing software so that I can keep learning new techniques and apply them in funny ways.

I am always open to suggestions for video ideas so feel free to email your ideas to

Where to find the Godfather

You can find my channel here🔫🔫🔫⛓🧱🛢🌫🌊💵💵💰and please subscribe and click the all notifications by smashing that bell. Every interaction with videos helps me get noticed and more people will get to see my videos. So like and leave your comments on all my videos. For the time being, I respond to all comments. I love interacting with viewers.

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