Real Blind And VIP Youtubers

Non-Fake For Real For Real Blind And VI Youtubers

1st. Amendment Ed
Ability Mom Of 2 Vlogs
Blind Toes
Beyond Sight
The Blind Guy Show
C-Dub’s Blind Life
Dani Marie AUC
Bishop Johnson
Doing Everything Blind
Nicole Kada
Nikki’s Fun Adventures
Rollin’ Blind With Jen Jen
See It My Way 1
Talented H.V
The Blind Beard
Mudda Ya Blind Diva

Why these Youtuber’s you might ask? Why this rag tag bunch of goof balls? Well, these are all authentic, real AF, true to themselves bunch of peeps I can call my friends. No sell outs here just 100% home grown real flesh and blood humans.

We aren’t the types for clicks and views and subs. You get what you see and that can be very unpredictable.

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