Accessible Content Creation

This is a list of software and web platforms that I know are accessible either from personal use or vetted contributors of accessible software. This list specifically focuses on video and audio editing as well as live streaming.

If you would like to submit suggestions to be added, send me a HoloNet Message. I am always building this list so check back often for updates.

Live Streaming

Stream Yard Windows/OS X

Streamyard is the most accessible web based live streaming application to my knowledge and I’ve tried them all. I am in constant contact with their accessibility team and they are continuously improving their website to stay up to date on accessibility.

With Streamyard you can broadcast live to Facebook, Parascope, YouTube, Linkedin, plus custom RMTP servers. Up to 5 guests during live streams and 2 in the backstage. Tickers, banners, brand overlays and backgrounds, all help make your stream stand out. I highly recommend Streamyard for all Voice Over users.

E Cam Live for Mac is an amazingly powerful application for Mac OS X. If you are familiar with OBS or Streamlabs OBS, then this app will fit your needs plus it is mostly accessible. With the exception of being able to edit overlays after creating them, E Cam Live is fairly Voice Over accessible. As of April 2020, E Cam Live is what I currently use to broadcast my live streams.

Video Editing

Final Cut Pro X OS X

FCPX in my opinion is the most accessible and in depth video editing software. If you can imagine it, then most likely you can acheive it with Final Cut Pro X plus their Creative Media Department is very knowledgable in Voice Over. I have had nothing but great experiences with their team when learning FCPX.

iMovie OS X/iOS

Audio Editing

Rogue Ameba Fission OS X

Fission is a great OS X audio editor. This small program allows you to quickly edit audio with many editing features. Fully accessible to Voice Over users.

GoldWave Windows

Audacity Windows/OS X

Reaper Windows/OS X

Audio Cart Machine

Rogue Ameba Farrago OS X

Station Playlist Windows

Virtual Cable Connections

Rogue Ameba Loop Back OS X

Recording Audio

Rogue Ameba Audio Highjack Pro OS X

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